day 1| dec 3rd| 6:30pm

Savoury Stories: Food is Connection

Thursday, December 3 |  6:00 pm Film & 7:00pm panel session

Join us for an evening screening of Savoury Stories, this year’s edition Food is Connection. Come with us into the kitchens, and gardens of our community, to hear the stories of the relational nature of food. Prepare to go on a journey through the mosaic of diverse cultures, connections, histories, and relationships that food, and the land it comes, from weave in our communities. Following this screening, we will be joined by a diverse panel of local leaders in the food movement for a discussion on some of the key themes brought to light in this film.


Creative Director | 

Jumana Risheq

Storyteller | 

Tom Kral 

Nature's Chef & Wild Food


Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 4.00.24 PM.png

Storyteller | 

Earl Claxton Jr.

Respected SȾÁUTW̱ elder, plant knowledge keeper and community historian.


Storytellers | 

Ariel Reyes Antuan & Jess Reyes Barton

Ariel Reyes Antuan; Co-founder of Iye Creative & Palenke Greens, Entrepreneur, Community Organizer 

Jess Reyes Barton; Co-founder of Iye Creative "Mama Iye", Co-founder Palenke Greens, Anthropologist 

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Jared Qwustenuxun Williams


Cowichan Elders Chef, Traditional foods advisor and educator 


Asiyah Robinson


Community Organizer, Member of Iye Creative, Youth Engagement Mobilizer


Tiffany Joseph

ŚW̱,ȻENEṈITEL (Doing Good Work Together) Indigenous foods initiative


Hannah Maia Roessler, M.A, P.Ag.


Educator, consultant, and life-long learner.

Emily Robertson Headshot.jpg

Filmmaker, Photographer & Editor| 

Emily Robertson

Filmmaker, Photographer and editor of Food Is Connection. 

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