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Good Food 2025 goals


Curious what else CRFAIR is up to?

CRFAIR (Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiative are the organizing body behind the Good Food Summit. Check out our website to discover all the other projects and initiatives we are currently working on.


Check out the South Island Farm Hub

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The Regional Food System Indicator

Framework 2020

The Good Food Network is building a regional Metrics Framework so we can measure progress towards our Good Food 2025 Goals, read here to learn about the Regional Food System Indicator Framework or watch the video about the project.


Climate Change Effects in the Local Greater Victoria Food System 

Tiegan Lange, Mya Little, Megan McQuaig and Megan Chan

This report addresses the global effects of climate change and its impact on agriculture with an emphasis on the local effects of climate change, and their impact on our local food systems. Local organizations and climate solutions are also highlighted, as well as adaptations made for similar climate change impacts we will be experiencing that have been implemented elsewhere around the world. We hope that after accessing our report, local food actors, the general public, and local farmers will feel more informed, efficacious and optimistic in the fight against climate change.


Tiegan Lange, Mya Little, Megan McQuaig and Megan Chan are four UVic students who have a passion for climate justice and food systems. As part of an upper-level Environmental studies course, they were tasked with making a climate-related resource. With food systems as their driving subject, they reached out to CRFAIR to collaborate on a resource that would be useful to the work that they are doing in the community. With guidance from CRFAIR, they were able to create a report that addresses how climate change will affect our local food systems and highlighted a few potential solutions. They are excited to share their work that is created as a document accessible to everyone in the public interested in our food systems.

Good Food Network Leadership Group

The Good Food Network is looking for new Good Food Network members to join the Leaders table. Are you interested? Read the terms of reference and contact

Looking for Task Force Members for a Regional Food Policy Development Initiative in 2021

Are you interested in establishing a regional food policy Council? Read here to learn about the 2021 initiative and call for Task Force Members





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