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About the event

The pandemic has shed light on the injustices and discrepancies within our Food Systems, igniting a collective awareness of the need to rethink and restructure the way we interact as a food movement. 


On December 3rd and 4th, 2020, ‘Food Future: Rooted in Changechallenged us to question, be accountable and reimagine what a just, equitable and sustainable Food System means. Together we discussed the challenges we’ve faced in crisis and engaged in meaningful dialogue around the injustices that disproportionately impact our communities while making space to celebrate and acknowledge the resilience that we have seen throughout the past year. 


This virtual event had the goal of connecting our communities, our network and initiatives in the Capital Region around access to food, the future of our local food economy, food justice and creating resilient and sustainable food systems. Each session invited participants to rethink and co-create what a more resilient, equitable and just Food Future means for all. 

Co-hosted with Stream of Consciousness & Sunset Labs.

Explore the sessions presented at the summit - Access key points, themes and calls to action as well as resources shared in the session. 

Every year we honour people doing Good Food work. Learn more about the receipts of the 2020 Good Food Champion Awards.

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Food Insecurity
Graphic Recording

Miro Platform

On this board, you will be able to see an overview of the event including an event schedule, session details and a quick glance at the panelists and speakers presenting. Miro facilitators captured key points, quotes and resources from all of the sessions. 

The Networking board was an open space where participants could virtually connect and network. Participants were invited to share resourrces, introduce themesleves, add links & more! 

Miro is an interactive platform, a virtual whiteboard, used to enhance virtual conferences. At the 2020 Good Food Summit we used Miro to record session gleanings, and also has a networking board.


DAY 1 | DEC 3RD 


Collective Response:

How our Community Leads Collective Action

Thursday, December 3rd | 9:30 am

Moderated by

Linda Geggie | Executive Director, CRFAIR

Tackling Food Insecurity:

A Just and Equitable Future

Thursday, December 3rd | 10:30 am

Moderated by

Sonja Yli-Kahila, Coordinator of the Food Share Network


Food Literacy as the Roots for Change

Thursday, December 3rd | 1:30pm

Moderated by

Janelle Hatch, Registered Dietitian & Food Literacy Coordinator

and Marcus Lobb, Community Animator at Farm to School BC

Savoury Stories:

Food is Connection

Thursday, December 3rd | 6:00pm

Jumana Risheq is the Creative Director of this storytelling experience

Re-Rooting our Local Food Economy

Friday, December 4th | 9:00 am

Moderated by

Ben Clark, Urban Food Table Co-Chair

Food Future Rooted in Change

Friday, December 4th | 11:30 am

Moderated by

Alex Harned, Food Systems Coordinator City of Victoria

2020 good food summit sponsors

We want to thank our generous sponsors for whom without  the 2020 Good Food Summit would not be possible.

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