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Miro Platform

Miro is an interactive platform, a virtual whiteboard, used to enhance virtual conferences. At the 2020 Good Food Summit we used Miro to record session gleanings, and also has a networking board.

Click below to see the Miro boards from the Summit:

The Main Stage

On this board, you will be able to see an overview of the event including an event schedule, session details and a quick glance at the panelists and speakers presenting. Our mighty Miro facilitators will be capturing the gleanings of each session, action items and resources live throughout the event - this means you can follow along, or look back to see what you missed in each session. 

Networking Board

This is YOUR Space. Get to know your other panelists, announce your events, ask questions, make observations, share resources and connect. You have full editing access to this whiteboard - you can add sticky notes, write notes, introduce yourself, add links to your resources & more! 

2020 good food summit sponsors

We want to thank our generous sponsors for whom without  the 2020 Good Food Summit would not be possible.

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