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The Good Food Gathering 2022 has come to an end, with great success! Below, you can find some resources from the Gathering:

Resources for Resilience Workshop

The following resource guide compiles all resources that were mentioned during and/or shared with us after the delivery of the Good Food Network’s - Resources for Resiliency Workshop held in October 2022.

What is the Good Food Gathering?

The Good Food Gathering is the annual gathering of the Good Food Network, and is an event which emphasizes cross sector collaboration, networking, skill building, and highlights the Good Food work happening in the Capital Region. The Good Food Gathering brings together food sector actors, leaders and community to engage in meaningful dialogue, learn about local initiatives, hear from community leaders and food system organizations, and connect to discuss and co-create solutions to key food system issues in the region. Interested in what workshops took place during the 2022 Gathering? Check out the details below! 


The theme of last year's Gathering was "Building Abundance and Currencies for Resilience". We heard from the Good Food Network that rising costs, lack of sustainable funding, supply chain and labor shortages, and unpredictable weather patterns caused by climate change were some of the biggest challenges in 2022. At last year's Gathering, we aimed to connect over these challenges and discovered what we could learn from each other and the land on how to remain resilient, build abundance, and tap into the currencies that help our communities thrive.

Celebrating Abundance in Relationships

Our Good Food Community felt the abundance and filled your bellies as we broke bread, celebrated community, and learned from one another on how to build resiliency in our local food system. We recharged and felt inspired by the initiatives, and the leaders behind them who strengthened our local food systems. Attendees heard about the Good Food Network's year in review and the plans for the future as we celebrated our Good Food Champions. All at the newly opened, beautiful Gorge Park Pavilion.

Resources for Resiliency

As part of last year's Good Food Gathering, this workshop provided an opportunity to connect with those involved in the local food system, gave and gained resources to enhance our local food system resiliency, and heard from subject matter experts on how to access resources for resiliency – financial, labor, health and wellness, and connection.

Explore Songhees' Signs of Lekwungen

As part of last year's Good Food Gathering, participants had the opportunity to attend the "Signs of Lekwungen" Walking Tour hosted by Explore Songhees Tours. Led by Songhees cultural guides, we visited some of the most significant historical sites in Lekwungen Territory. Through storytelling and site-seeing, we enriched our understanding of Lekwungen culture and traditions. 100% of the funds went to Songhees First Nation. The price included a one-way Harbour Ferries transfer and Bannock.

Youth Climate Stewardship Collective

For this element of the gathering, youth joined Elora from the Compost Education center and Alistair from CRFAIR for the first ever meetings of the Youth Climate Stewardship Collective! This session was part of an ongoing free program provided youth with opportunities to engage in hands-on, reciprocal learning centred around climate justice and ecological stewardship. 

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