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Tiffany Joseph, ŚW̱,ȻENEṈITEL (Doing Good Work Together) Indigenous foods initiative

Tiffany Joseph is an advocate for the wellbeing of W̱SÁNEĆ territory through her learning and teaching of the interconnectedness of W̱SÁNEĆ people, SENĆOŦEN language, pollinators, sea-life, and terrestrial flora and fauna that are Indigenous to the W̱SÁNEĆ ÁLEṈENEȻ. This learning and teaching intertwines SENĆOŦEN language, feminism, biodiversity, trauma-informed healing, environmental science, and more which have been shared with her through intergenerational teachings, and relationships with environmental scientists, anthropologists, linguists, counsellors, and more through her own learning and healing journey. She shares this knowledge in alignment with the elders’ teachings to share what you know.

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