Purpose: To connect and align our efforts and work together towards a healthy and sustainable food system in the Capital Region.

The Network launched in 2015 as a way of connecting across sectors and silos to engage the whole food system. Strengthening diversity and collaboration are critical to achieving system change. Various members of the network have been working together since the early 1990s, and pockets of collective action have emerged over time, such as Farm to School network, the Victoria Urban Food Table and the Food Share Network. Organizing across these networks, intentionally seeding other relationships, and working together to build collaboration between community, government and the private sector, is a key strategy for innovation and action. Members include activists, government, funders, educators, academics, students, farmers, fishers, food processors, retailers, chefs, restaurants, and community organizations.

Good Food


When we aspire to create, share and eat Good Food, what does this mean?

Working Method

Collective Impact is a commitment of a group of important actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem.

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Network Activities

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Learning Community

The cumulative activity of the network is the Good Food Summit. Held annually in November, the Good Food Summit is an opportunity the network to come together for hands-on workshops, site tours, celebrating successes, and building momentum for the year ahead. 

To be a member, all you need to do is agree to the principles of Good Food, and pledge to further them. You can join as an individual or as an organization, but what is common is that you believe that "together we are stronger." and proactively work to align your work towards some common goals that we have identified as a network (see our collective impact strategy).  You can share your work through face to face meetings, the Good Food Summit and through other network activities. 

What is the Good Food Network?

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CRFAIR supports the development of this network by hosting its communication tools, generating funding for coordination of network activities, and coordinating the Good Food Summit. 

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