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Organic Vegetables


Are you having issues accessing summit content?  

Zoom Issues

Are you have issues using the Zoom platform to watch the event? Can't get your audio or video to work?

Please contact if you have any technical difficulties at any point during the event. 

Miro Issues

Are you having trouble navigating the Miro engagement platform? Visit our Miro page to learn more about the functions of the platform, and how you can use it to engage with the summit. There you will find helpful videos teaching you how to use Miro, and answer some frequently asked questions. 

Need more help? Chat with our Miro support team directly through the conference zoom chat, or email us at

How to use Miro


1. I bought a conference ticket, but did not receive my virtual ticket?

If you registered for the conference but did not get a link to the conference please email us at

2. Do I need different links for different sessions at the summit?

No. With your ticket, you will receive 1 zoom link. This link is your access to the entire conference, you can leave and re-enter sessions throughout the two days using this same link. 

3. Will sessions be recorded? When can I access them?

The conference will be recorded and edited by Sunset Labs. All attendees will receive a link to the full conference in approximately two weeks post-summit. 

4. How do I use Miro?

Please refer to our Miro page - here you can find basic information about the engagement platform. We will have Miro facilitators and a technical support team guiding you throughout the conference. 

2020 good food summit sponsors

We want to thank our generous sponsors for whom without  the 2020 Good Food Summit would not be possible.

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