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Everything you need to know about how to use Miro. 

Miro Platform

Miro is an interactive platform used to enhance virtual conferences - it offers an engaging twist to virtual events. 

Think of Miro as a virtual whiteboard. It is a space where you can connect, network, reflect on the conference, and interact with other participants in an engaging way complementary to zoom sessions. At the summit we will have 2 main virtual whiteboards: 

Engagement Board

This is YOUR Space. Get to know your other panelists, announce your events, ask questions, make observations, share resources and connect. You have full editing access to this whiteboard - you can add sticky notes, write notes, introduce yourself, add links to your resources & more! 


1. How will I receive access to the Miro Boards? 

You will receive a link to both the Networking Board and the Main Stage Board along with your ticket through email. 

2. Why can't I edit the Main Stage board?

The Main Stage Board is a place where we can collect resources, key points, themes and action items from each session. While you don't have editing access, you are able to follow along as the Miro Facilitators take notes of the event. 

3. I did not receive a link to the Miro Platform? 

If you did not receive a link to the platform, you can find it in the conference chat room through zoom, the email containing your zoom virtual link or you can email us at

4. Where can I learn more about how to use the functions of Miro? 

Here are some helpful videos + resources: 

- What is Miro?

- How to use Sticky Notes

- Navigation 101

- Overview of Tools

5. Is using Miro mandatory?

Absolutely not. Miro is an extra, complementary resource to the conference. If you are not keen on it, no worries! You can enjoy the conference without this extra engagement platform. 

6. How will the information collected on Miro be shared after the event?

The information gathered on Miro will be shared on our social media channels, as well as inform our post-summit Final report. The boards will also act as a visual collection of the conference that will be shared as a permanent resource for the community. 

7. Do I need to make an account to use the board? 

No. You can access the boards without needed to make an account with Miro. 

8. Will there be support if I have questions? 

Yes. We have Miro facilitators who will be able to support you as you use the platform - if you have any questions you can use our contact form or chat with us live through the zoom chat at the conference. 

2020 good food summit sponsors

We want to thank our generous sponsors for whom without  the 2020 Good Food Summit would not be possible.

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