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Join the Good Food Network

To enable all residents in the region to have the food knowledge, skills and ability to make informed choices about their foods.

To grow the local food economy to provide more of our foods closer to home, promoting economic, social and environmental health.

To celebrate food as a vital part of all cultures, and ensure that Indigenous foods are honoured with access to traditional ways of hunting, gathering and fishing by Indigenous peoples.

To increase the number of people who are food secure and accessing adequate healthy food.

Goals of the Good Food 2025 strategy

By signing the Good Food Resolution you are also going to be added to our Good Food Network community map!

Welcome to the Good Food Network!

This map provides an overview of all the organizations, groups, and initiatives that make up the Good Food Network.

Use this map to learn more about local food producers and other organizations involved in food education and distribution.

Is your organization not yet on the map? By signing the Good Food Resolution we will be able to add you to the map!

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